Net Set Go Program for 5 to 6 yrs – Girls and Boys

Any young players born in 2017 and 2018, will engage in a 10-week programme run on Saturday mornings at HDNA.  This programme will be run directly by HDNA coaches.  There will be no separate training day set by our club and you are not required to purchase a club uniform.  The club will appoint a “liaison coach” to the team who is the point of contact for team parents and our Net Set Go Convenor.  Our Net Set Go Convenor will oversee the programme with HDNA.  Please be aware that the players may break into groups and not all be together.  Please read on for further information about the programme.

Every week, your child will participate in skill-based activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches that will help them develop fundamental movement skills and learn basic netball skills, including throwing, passing and catching. They’ll also learn those all-important social skills like teamwork and communication, and develop a love of our sport and physical activity.

The HDNA Coaching Co-ordinator will be creating the training plan every week for NSG Coaches to follow.  There will be HDNA Rep Coaches who will oversee this programme in an advisory capacity only.   This will be a perfect opportunity for new Coaches to be mentored and guided.

When the Coach or learner umpires umpire games, the players need to be pulled up by the sound of the whistle, explain the infringement and NOT be penalised.