Duty Days and Fundraising

Duty Days

All clubs are asked by Hinterland District Netball Association to provide assistance in setting up the fields on Game Day.  Duties include putting on post pads and attach rings, distributing the bins around the courts, ring height adjustments for Junior games, filling ice bags in first aid as well as packing up at the end of the day.  This year HDNA have introduced Court Officials for each time slot.  These officials walk the courts during the day to promote positive encouragement by parents and coaches, observe any breaches in Code of Conduct and ensure safety of umpires, players and spectators.

Our duty days are 14 May 2016 and the 23 July 2016


At the same time as Duty Day, we also man the BBQ for a sausage sizzle or bacon and egg sandwich.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the club to raise funds for various needs of the club.  Funds go towards equipment, coaching courses, umpiring and end of season celebrations.  We also run a Cake Stall and run a raffle or two.  This is a really great day for parents to get involved as well as players helping out at the stall.